Discovering Tradrz Edge

Tradrz Edge tracks market volatility and momentum simultaneously while also picking out key divergences. Divergences is a tool traders use to spot immediate reversals in trends.
When using Tradrz Edge: BRIGHT RED indicates downward momentum DARK RED indicates upward momentum out of a downtrend BRIGHT GREEN indicates upward momentum DARK GREEN indicates downward momentum out of an uptrend
If the indicator is printing BLUE, this is a time of extremely low volatility and the price is not likely to fluctuate a large amount.
Divergences are noted by the green and red lines labelled "BULL" and "H" BULL indicates a bullish divergence BEAR indicates a bearish divergence RED "H" indicates a "hidden" bearish divergence GREEN "H" indicates a "hidden" bullish divergence
See the Divergence Cheat Sheet below:
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