The Discord

Explaining what is included in our Premium Discord Server.

Public Channels

Our public channels are available to anyone and everyone! You can join our public Discord here. Includes our bots real-time alerts for SP500 Index Fund so you can track the current direction of the overall market! In our public channels, you can also request to view live charts of any symbol you like and even compete in our monthly referral program for a chance to win 1 free month of Premium Access!

Premium Channels

In our premium channels, you will get access to chat with our other paying members to trade ideas and topics. We also host performance challenges for our members to win prizes.

We as the admin also post our own market research, ideas, and we also post every trade we take personally -- not financial advice

Along with these channels for chatting and learning, our discord also hosts several bots that track real-time news and market information.

You gain access to our Premium Discord by purchasing Tradrz Algo.