How It Works
Here you will learn how Tradrz Algo works and how it can be useful for traders in all trading environments and useful for any securities.
Our team here at Tradrz is excited to help in shaping your trading future. Tradrz provides tools to be used as your secret weapons for increasing your overall success rate in all trading environments. Designed for all types of securities, Tradrz gives you an edge that other traders don't have. The first question we always get when users sign up is: - "Does this really work?" Well the answer is yes, it does REALLY work! Our bot was coded using intensive data analysis, examining historical chart patterns with extreme detail. Our private algorithm performs this analysis with lightning-speed, giving "BUY" or "SELL" signals as soon as possible! The other question we are always asked is: - "Does this bot trade for me?" Our bot does not automatically place trades. At Tradrz, we believe in giving traders decision-making freedom. We want to provide tools for traders, and not take the actual "trading" out of the process.
"great product/service, I work full time (albeit from home) and I love the convenience of being able to use the algo's buy/sell signals
works for SPY, QQQ, individual tickers, tried it with 5m, 30m, 1h, 1D candles with success in all of them
100% worth it" - Refinery, Tradrz Premium Member

The Algorithm

Our bot is NOT a money printer. It is of upmost importance that you understand that this is a tool for traders. Our indicator works extremely well with helping traders make the best decisions possible in any market. Technical indicators should NEVER be used alone when trading and judging any single indicators ability to predict market conditions is the wrong approach. All technical indicators should be used to help aid in the decision making process.
Someone who understands this will perform EXTREMELY well using our indicator. Our bot uses and process and extremely large amount of data at a speed that would be impossible for an individual. The bot presents this data in a neat, easy-to-read format, which is a very important factor to traders. Being able to interpret data and make quick decisions is what separates successful and unsuccessful traders.

Unleash Your Inner Trader

As mentioned before, we firmly believe in giving a trader freedom of creative expression. Something that the market gives that isn't available anywhere else in life. Its your rules, your game, your decisions, your consequences. This is one of the ideas we had in mind when developing the bot. It is suitable for all styles of trading, and even for developing new styles! Tradrz Algo provides an intelligent data rooted, chart crunching, cross-reference for you to utilize through all of your trading endeavors!
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